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Versus Mentality

Originally written on the old blog in February 2017

So for my first article I figured I would go for a controversial one, why not right? I have watched, and been a part of, for years this Console vs PC or Nintendo vs Sony arguments for years. It’s getting to the point now where it’s a bit absurd.  We should be able to just say we’re a gamer and not have to reduce what we are down to a specific style, company loyalty or what overpriced device we own. When someone asks me what I am I’m not going to say I’m a console gamer or PC gamer. I am just going to say I am a gamer, and if they ask what do I prefer? Games.

The arguments for PC versus console have always been really weak. Yes PC’s can perform better than consoles but for those who don’t care about a couple of extra frames, that you can barely tell are there, consoles work perfectly fine.  The argument from Console owners is there is no upkeep on hardware, unless you count the 30 different versions of each console that comes out. There are many more points than just those two but you get the picture. For me it makes the most sense to be a part of both and here is why. Some games are better on one over the other. ISN’T THAT CRAZY? Did I just blow your mind I prefer my RTS, 4X and some shooters on PC but if I’m going to get really invested in an RPG like Fallout or an adventure game like Tomb Raider I’m going to play on a console. Yeah I know I can hook a controller up to my PC and run an HDMI cord to my TV and all that, but it’s just simpler to use a console and that’s really what all this boils down to. I’ve had a gaming PC for a few years now and it has been one of the biggest sources of stress in my life because it constantly needs to be repaired. Luckily I am able to do those repairs but it is still extremely aggravating. Not to mention I’m not even doing overclocking or any of that crazy stuff! My Xbox? Needs a software update occasionally and maybe a hard reset but that’s it. Every time my PC takes a dive I say I’m going to swear off PC gaming but I always go back usually due to a big game coming out, this time that game was Civilization 6. And I always find that I have something on my console I want to dive deep into, right now that game is Rise of the Tomb Raider.

                I’ve always found the brand loyalty thing to be kind of fascinating. I think a lot of it stems from when we only had two good consoles, the SNES and the Genesis. I had a SNES but my cousin had a genesis and for whatever reason I never thought, “Well mine is better.” I always wanted to know what awesome adventures he was able to go on that I was not. Now that I am an adult that can choose what I want to buy I want to have each of them. I bought an Xbox One because I had the opportunity to get one from a friend at a great price but had it been the PS4 I would have got it as well because I want to experience the games on it. Last generation I owned an Xbox 360 and very briefly a PS3 but had to sell it for financial reasons. And before that I owned a PS2 and was at my neighbors all the time to play their Xbox! I got to experience a variety of games, characters and adventures I would not have had if I stuck to one console. Overall I say all this because I have learned one thing: never be a Nintendo early adopter.

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